Company Profile


EXIM GROUP  is a global enterprise that supplies an extensive range of products to all major international markets with corporate offices strategically located in Thailand and USA.

EXIM GROUP  operates on several platforms representing three divisions:

EXIM TRADING  EGT is a Company fully dedicated to providing our buyers the best service and our suppliers the best access to world markets. Our target is to provide a package of the best quality products and services to local and international companies involved in Business affairs, generating profitability and satisfaction to the concerned parties. Throughout the years of experience acting on import and export matters, added to Global logistics solutions, we have built a sophisticated network of contacts, which allows us to rapidly and efficiently allocate efforts to bring business opportunities to attend our clientís needs and expectations.

EXIM DISTRIBUTIONS  supplying the needs of local wholesale markets and providing high-quality products and service to end customers.

EXIM LOGISTICS  Besides our rich trading experience we have professional knowledge in logistics. We take pride in being able to source all types of products from any point of the world and deliver it to any place in the world as per our clientsí request (via break bulk vessels, trucks, railway sections or containers). The company operates international storage, sorting and packing hubs located in the ports of Laemchabang / Bangkok , Thailand thus having the option to deliver the goods we sources to any point through Thailand / China / Laos and Cambodia.

Benefiting from the effective operations strategy, improved management and well organized structure, global knowledge and regional expertise of its traders, EGT boasts a consistent growth in the business. EGT grows more competitive in the world market with every passing year, based on lower costs, better reliability and quality over the competition, combined with fast responsiveness and care to all of our customers and their unique/specific needs.